The Working Women’s Program

By Vernon Hills

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed another core group of women and children who were struggling right here in our area — the working poor. These working mothers are teetering right on the edge of homelessness — they struggle to make enough money to feed and house their family. And while they desperately need help, they don’t necessarily need the long-term care our Road to Freedom program provides.

We knew we needed to reach out.

After much prayer, we launched our Working Women’s Program this past year.
It helps women, with and without children, to gain long-term stability through a safe, supportive short-term program. By doing this, our hope is that we can save families from the trauma of homelessness before it ever happens.

Our short-term six-month program provides safe shelter, nutritious meals, case management (support for financial budgeting, accountability, job-skills assessment, resume building, housing assessment and housing plan), program classes as needed (recovery, Bible study, parenting, nutrition), and childcare.

Thanks to your support, we’ve already seen women and children’s lives changed in this program. Just this month, one of our moms moved into her own apartment with her children!

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people in need! God bless you!


(Photo credit to John Mayer.)

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