What We Do

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”
– Psalm 147:3

Holistic Approach

More Than a Shelter

Women come from all different backgrounds, addictions, and domestic violence situations. Some come for one specific trauma or addiction and some struggle just with homelessness. We welcome women from all different ages and help both single women and mothers. Some women need a structured program to regain custody of their children that are in child protective services. We work closely with the different court systems in the Bay Area, California and out of state. Grateful to our donors that make this whole program possible so it is 100% free for the women and children in desperate need.

Having a safe place to sleep is only the first step to breaking the cycles of abuse, addiction and homelessness. Through the “whole woman” approach, the Shepherd’s Gate residents receive help for all aspects of their lives. This long-term recovery approach helps them thrive in their new lives and build a strong future for their children!

Starting Fall of 2023, we have a new program called Off-Site Case Management that helps hundreds of women who immediately need help. Just complete the application below.

Essential Needs

Recovery Program

Learning & Career Center

Healing & Care for Children

Personalized Case Management

Spiritual Growth

Graduation is just the beginning

The Alumni Program

Overcoming abuse, addiction and homelessness is never truly over. Recovery and overcoming trauma is a lifelong commitment. Thanks to partners like you, the Alumni Program offers continued care on a regular basis with case management, career center, and meetings such as Bible studies, relapse prevention classes, career counseling and more.

In fact, over 80% of our graduates after one year still have permanent housing, jobs or are in college, are active members in their church and continue to live a sober life.  We seek long-term solutions in helping women transform their lives.

The Alumni Program wouldn’t be possible without the support of partners like you! 

A special focus on children

The Whole Child

Most of the children come to us having experienced horrific trauma. But through the support of partners like you, they experience God’s love. By focusing on all aspects of each child, they can overcome the pain of abuse and neglect.

Because healing is holistic

The Shepherd's Gate Process

At Shepherd’s Gate, we know it takes more than a few nights of food and shelter to truly change a life.  In order to help women and children escape cycles of addiction, homelessness, and abuse, and to find lasting change, we must care for the whole person.  Our Christ-centered long-term residential program offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs of women that desire to transform their lives and live independently in the community. We help adult women of all ages – single or mothers with children. Our children’s program helps: girls (new born – 18 yrs. old) and boys (newborn – 12 yrs. old). Our caring intake team can answer all your questions and provide additional resources.

We also have additional programs that focus on prenatal care, child reunification, and senior women.

Short-Term Program

The Short-Term Program addresses the immediate needs of the woman and introduce her to recovery and life at Shepherd’s Gate through Life Skills and recovery classes. ​

Road to

The Road to Freedom Program is designed to help women break free of the destructive cycles from their past and find healing and restoration.

Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is an additional 3 or more months, focused on equipping women for transitioning into independent living.

Transitional Housing

Women who have obtained employment, are working to establish a savings and reduce their debt are eligible for an additional 6 months in our transitional cottages on campus. ​

Alumni Community

It’s important that our Alumni continue their life long learning and recovery for themselves and their children. Our Alumni groups meet once a month on campus to support each other and be inspired by guest speakers. ​​

“I know I made the right decision to come to Shepherd’s Gate. It completely changed my life.” 
—Shepherd’s Gate Resident

Here to support & encourage

Our Programs

Essential Needs

We meet all the essential needs of the resident women and children so that you can focus on your recovery without having to worry about where your next meal will come from, or where you will sleep tonight. All your physical needs will be met when you enter the program. Some women come with just the clothes on their backs. We can provide clothing, hygiene products, baby items, etc.

Our campuses in Livermore and Brentwood both reflect our belief that a welcoming, home-like environment helps women and children feel loved and secure as they heal.

Personalized Case Management

Just as each woman is unique, so is their journey to recovery. Personalized care with a caseworker helps guide them through the process. No one ever has to walk alone. They have someone supporting them and holding their hand as they work to change their life. Together they work on health concerns, debt reduction, housing, emotional well being, legal issues, child reunification requirements (CPS & CFS), court appointments,  and so much more. With the help of local partners, offsite professional therapists and other resources, our dedicated case managers can help women focus on transforming their lives.  Case Managers work with each resident to help them find housing within the community.

Recovery Programs

Our Recovery Programs support women as they learn how to face life’s challenges in a healthy way. Women who participate in our long-term program work their way through a 12-Step course designed to help them break free of the destructive cycles from their past, and find healing and restoration. (Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA, and Relapse Prevention). Sobriety is a lifelong commitment and our staff, sponsors and volunteers are here to support you.

Learning & Career Center

In the later portion of the program, women will focus on the Learning & Career Center to help them build a future. Each woman has individual goals for their life – achieving a GED, going to college, obtaining job related certificates, computer skills, and employment.

Spiritual Growth

Shepherd’s Gate is a Biblically-based program that incorporates Biblical principles into daily living. When women begin to understand God’s love and grace toward them, amazing things start to happen in their lives. Many women come to us with no faith at all but graduate into a life of purpose.

We believe in the life-transforming power of the love of Jesus Christ. Bible studies, devotionals, prayer, and worship are the foundation of the program.

Healing & Care for Children

The children at Shepherd’s Gate are provided trauma-informed care from ages newborn up to 18 years old (18 for girls and 12 years old for boys). Our children receive individualized case management services, referrals, and education. Our campuses are equipped with both on-site nursery and after school programs

The onsite nursery provides a safe and structured environment for our little ones as they learn letters, numbers, Bible stories, identifying their feelings, and how to trust again. When a child feels safe and loved, they can thrive.

Our school-aged kids participate in the After School Program where they receive online education advancement, tutoring, field trips, and Bible Studies. We also work with professional resources for pet therapy, music therapy, art therapy and play therapy to help children process their personal trauma experiences so they too can find healing. They learn basic life skills and computer education to equip them for a successful future. School-aged children attend the local schools in the area (kindergarten to high school).

We also provide children’s case management to work with child protective services and the court system. Our goal is to help mothers reunify with their children on and off campus.

Two Locations

One Mission
Apply Today

Applying to our program is your first step to receiving help and hope for your future. Our caring intake team is here to help you and answer all your questions. Our program is 100% free for women and children in need. Our intake applications should be completed by the individual woman – not a concerned third party. You can either call our intake line or complete the application below. Then our intake team will contact you within 24-48 hours (M-F).  Starting in fall of 2023, we have a new program called Off-Site Case Management to help hundreds of women immediately. Just complete the application below.  If you are in need of emergency shelter tonight, please contact 211 for assistance.

Brentwood Campus

Livermore Campus

Make a Difference

Turn a story of addiction & abuse into one of hope & freedom for a woman in recovery

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Did you know that your gift could be doubled for an even greater impact?  Many companies have matching gift programs for financial donations or volunteer hours.  Search your company below for more information. Here is Shepherd’s Gate 501 c3 nonprofit number for our company paperwork: 94-2902803. We are so grateful for your support!