Children's Program

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” - Mark 10:14

Changing a child's life is

The Most Important Thing We Do

When children come to Shepherd’s Gate, we know they’ve lived through their own horrific trauma differently from their mother’s. From seeing their mom be physically hit to experiencing abuse themselves. Not knowing where they will sleep each night, not knowing when they will get to eat next. Their childhood has been robbed from them. 

Children are innocent. They are the victims. And they’re all of our futures. Children who experience trauma like this have few chances to get the care they need. By helping them today, we are creating a future for them and for generations to come. 

These precious children come to Shepherd’s Gate feeling broken, troubled and alone. Without someone stepping in and coming alongside their mothers to help the children, they may never fully heal.

“I’m not scared anymore. My mom is stronger, happier and nicer than all the times before.” 
—Daughter of a Shepherd’s Gate Resident

At Shepherd's Gate

The Miracle of Their Smiles

Children at Shepherd’s Gate have experienced more trauma than anyone should ever have to go through. But your support helps them have a safe place to heal and have access to professional outside counseling, play therapy, school tutoring, medical care and so much more. 

Shepherd’s Gate partners gives kids a chance to overcome their pasts and have a bright future…and make miracles happen when a little boy or girl smiles for the first time in months. 

Make a Difference

Help a child find healing and get the chance to just be a kid.