Reuniting Broken Families

By Vernon Hills

One of the things that thrill me most about serving at Shepherd’s Gate is seeing families put back together again. What a tangible reminder to me of God’s grace and power . . . even in situations that once seemed impossible.

You see, many of our families have been separated by homelessness, poverty, abuse, and addiction. And even when they haven’t been physically separated, the stress and instability still wedge a gap in families. It’s heartbreaking, both for mothers and children.

But at Shepherd’s Gate, our facilities are unique because they care for both women AND children. Families can stay together as they heal. It’s a big reason why many women come to us.

And while it’s a special moment when kids first join their mothers at Shepherd’s Gate, I think that’s just the first step in putting the family back together again. It takes time and a lot of support for these precious children to heal.

We offer children stability, safe shelter, nutritious food, counseling, educational support, quality childcare . . . and the list goes on. When children really begin to see that Mom is different, that she’s growing, that she’s safe from abuse or truly gaining sobriety — that’s when the relationship truly begins to heal. That’s when trust begins to grow.


What a privilege, to be a part of this miracle in the lives of mothers and their children! Please continue to pray for us as we lovingly support these families in their recovery.

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