By Carla McRee

This Easter, I’d like to ask our friends and supporters to take a moment to remember the women and children here at Shepherd’s Gate. While special holidays are often a wonderful time for those of us with family nearby and homes of our own, they can be challenging days for our residents. Some women are separated from their children. Some children are missing the home they used to know. And others are just heartsick because they’ve been struggling for such a long time. Their bad experiences haven’t quite “let go” of their hearts yet. But God is at work. God is always at work. Please pray with me that women and children here would truly feel loved this Easter — that they would be reminded of their great worth in the eyes of God. For so many, it’s a new realization of how much God values them that begins their healing. Thank you for caring about the precious people, and for praying. May you have a blessed Easter!

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