Why Easter Still Matters in 2012

Sometimes it’s easy to think of Easter as something far removed from our lives. The cross, the nails, the dusty streets, the mob . . . the actual events of the crucifixion and resurrection happened thousands of years ago and half a world away. But Easter still matters. Because the same Christ who conquered death and sin is alive and well and very present in our lives today! I see it every day in the lives of the women and children here. Some of the women here come from situations that would make you and I shudder. They walk through our doors broken, ashamed and so deeply wounded . . . if you didn’t know what kind of change happens here, you’d think that maybe some of these women are beyond healing, or even beyond redemption. It would have been easy to think about Marilyn* that way. After tremendous losses in her childhood, she was introduced to drugs as a young girl. She spent years under the oppression of drug addiction. Even she felt like she was doomed to live a life controlled by drugs. But God doesn’t give up that easily, and neither do we. After decades of drug use, she has now been sober for over a year . . . it’s truly a miracle. And we know the miracles will continue to unfold as she trusts God for her future and for her healing. If that doesn’t say “Easter resurrection” I don’t know what does! Praise God for His continued work in our lives today. What about you? What examples do you see of Easter hope in your life today? I love hearing from our friends and supporters — please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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