Leaving the Past: Embracing a New Destiny

By Steve McRee

When you hear about a child who was abandoned before she turned one, who was surrounded by drugs and alcohol and who had a mother who went to prison and an absent father. What is your first reaction? Are you heartbroken? Fearful for this child whose path to life started out in such a backward way? That’s how I felt when I first heard Trisha’s story, which you may remember from my recent letter.

Trisha was abused, abandoned and introduced to drugs at a very young age. From a worldly perspective, she had no hope. She was destined to follow the same path as her mother. She was destined to be a drug addict and abandon her children. But God doesn’t follow the world, and his plan transforms our culture’s view of “destiny.” Trisha experienced God’s plan firsthand when she came to Shepherd’s Gate. By God’s grace, she was able to flee her past — the abandonment, the addiction, and several abusive boyfriends — and set her eyes on the future God intended for her: to be a loving, caring mother. Transformations like this happen every day at Shepherd’s Gate. And it’s all thanks to the grace of our Lord and the support and prayers of caring people like you. This Mother’s Day, Trisha is celebrating her new life — and the life she and her two sons are now living. She is free from her past and living God’s way. And today, you have the opportunity to celebrate with her and all the mothers and children here at Shepherd’s Gate. When you make a special Mother’s Day gift to Shepherd’s Gate you are showing you know that there is hope. Life can be different for desperate women and their children because with God all things are possible.   Thank you for all you do for the families here. Steve McRee, Executive Director

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