Summer Is No Vacation for Homeless Children

It’s summer and children in our neighborhoods are celebrating the break from school. But not all children. For hungry and homeless children, the end of the school year means going without lunches and spending long days unprotected on the streets. At Shepherd’s Gate, summer is a time of increased need as well, caring for children out of school at a time when giving usually dips. It can be a real challenge. We appreciate your prayers for the children who won’t be building happy memories this summer because their families are facing the crisis of homelessness. And we also appreciate your prayers for Shepherd’s Gate, so we can be there for the ones God brings to our door. And if your prayers lead you to get involved, consider making a gift, registering for 24 In Your Car, or serving as a table captain at our 27th Annual Gateway to Hope Banquet. Can you think of other ways to help at-risk children this summer?

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