Saving Money-Tip#1

I love to read. Pretty much anything, great literature, bad fiction, mysteries, you name it, I will read it…well maybe not celebrity biographies, but most anything else. I even have an e-Reader…in a drawer in my closet. I don’t know there is just something about the feel of a book, turning the actual, not virtual pages, and the smell of the paper, it just is just something my e-Reader cannot provide. But with reading there comes a cost, and even with a  25% off sale and a membership, Barnes and Noble can put a serious dent in a book girls pocketbook. I have checked out Amazon, and there are some savings to be had there, but my go-to strategy for saving money on books in thrift stores! I know it is not a life-shattering suggestion, and many of you have probably already thought of it, but it’s worth mentioning. When I shop at a thrift store scouring their shelves for books I am more likely to try different genres and authors that I may never try at full-price. I have also purchased amazing coffee-table books that would have cost me a fortune in a bookstore or online. So if you’re looking for some great reading for this fall and winter head down to the Shepherd’s Gate thrift store and see what you can find. You’ll save money on books and help women in children in crisis! Would love to hear some of your money-saving tips. Talk to us below.

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