Mother’s Day- One Year Later

By Carla McRee
Last Mother’s Day, Jane thought her life was finally headed in the right direction.  Her boyfriend proposed, she was striving to be sober, and she believed the future was going to be better for her and her children.

But a few days later, everything fell apart.

Jane’s fiancé wasn’t the man she thought he was. He wasn’t loving and gentle. He was dangerous. And in the heat of an argument, he pulled out a gun and began shooting at her and her children. They ran out of the house searching for refuge, unsure of what the future would hold.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but Child Protective Services came and took Jane’s children away. They didn’t know how else to protect them. Jane wasn’t sure what to do, but she knew she had to get her children back. She fought hard and was awarded custody on one condition: that she take her kids to Shepherd’s Gate to get the help and healing they all needed.

Jane jumped at the chance and now her life is turning around — in a real and lasting way.

“My children and I have bonded in such an amazing and incredible way. Our love is priceless,” she says.

This Mother’s Day, Jane and her children will celebrate with a new joy — the joy of Jesus Christ.  Jane recently got a job and is looking forward to raising her children in the safety of her own home — away from the violence they once experienced.

Friends like you made it possible for Jane and her children to get the love and care they needed to start over. It’s only been a year, but in that time Jane’s life has completely changed.  Thank you for caring about homeless and hurting mothers and their children.

Thank you for being part of this ministry!

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