Lessons from a Mother in Giving Back

By Steve McRee

I’d like to share with you about Rhonda — a woman who came to Shepherd’s Gate and stayed with us a few years ago while she was recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It was a painful pattern that began when she was just a young child.  We were so thrilled to see Rhonda get her life — and her daughter — back after her time with us. There’s nothing like watching a person come back to life the way she did. But it seems that getting a new start was only part of Rhonda’s transformation. Since then, she’s found countless ways to serve the other women here at Shepherd’s Gate. Rhonda once relied on others to get rides to 12-step meetings during her recovery — so now she gives women rides to their meetings in her car. She remembers what a difference her kind house manager made as she was navigating the difficult path to sobriety — so she has volunteered as a house manager. She knows how hard it can be for women who’ve faced such hard times to imagine a new life — so she encourages others with her own story of redemption. Most of us probably don’t have a story quite this dramatic — but many of us can probably think of times when other people made a true difference in our lives. What better way to show gratitude for those times than to find ways to serve others? During the holidays, we have many women and children coming to us who have faced tremendous heartache and misery in recent months. They’ve often felt invisible — like no one even sees them. But, together with our volunteers, we do everything possible to remind these women that they are truly loved, and that a new life is possible. If you’re interested in helping a Shepherd’s Gate family this holiday season, please visit for more information or call Catherine Hootman at 925.443.4283 ext. 217 to find out how you can help. What are your reasons for wanting to give back? Feel free to share your comments and stories below — we love hearing from our friends!

Steve McRee Executive Director, Shepherd’s Gate

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