Joan and Family at 24 In Your Car

Joan attended 24IYC last year with her entire family: her husband and their 3 children, ages 5, 7 and 9. They enjoyed the arts and crafts and games, but most of all the family was thankful they had an opportunity to learn more about what people go through to survive homelessness.

The evening program, when women shared their testimonies, was very moving for Joan. She felt she could identify in some ways, because she experienced abuse in her childhood. She had loving people who were willing to take her in, but she wouldn’t have known where else to turn if not for them. She’s very glad these women had a place to go for help and healing.

Sleeping in the family car was more challenging than anyone thought it would be. Joan’s husband and kids slept restlessly in the back with the seat folded flat, waking up anytime someone moved or there was a noise outside. She slept in the front seat, which was very uncomfortable. The family slept under a streetlight for safety, but that same light made it very difficult to sleep.

Altogether, the family raised $1,100 for Shepherd’s Gate, and Joan’s children have become much more aware of the needs of people who are homeless.

The May dates for 24 in Your Car have been postponed. We appreciate your interest and support. We will announce when plans for the next 24IYC are set!

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