Easter Year-Round at Shepherd’s Gate

Easter is such a powerful time at Shepherd’s Gate! It’s a season that reflects what happens here year-round: people coming alive again through the power of God at work in their hearts.
There are women and children here who are experiencing safety for the first time in years — there’s no abuser here to fear. Some women are finding freedom from addictions that began in childhood. Still, others are piecing their lives together after months of living on the streets or in their car.
Their stories are different, but they have this in common: they’re finding new life here at Shepherd’s Gate.
We reach out to these women and their children in love, working hard to help them restore hope and dignity in their lives. From there, we help them rebuild strength and stability. And as they grow, we equip them to reach out to others still in need.
It’s all possible because of your faithful support and prayers, and we thank you! Happy Easter!

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