At Shepherd’s Gate we are committed to caring for our children, beyond only their physical needs. Many children come to us having experienced neglect, abuse and other traumas. We are focused on helping the children overcome and grow for a bright and healthy future.


We begin by caring for the child’s physical needs. They often arrive needing a nourishing meal, a shower and a safe place to sleep. We make sure they have clean clothes. Once immediate needs are met, we attend to the larger needs: overall heath. Are they eating healthy, do they need a check-up, are they up-to-date on medical, dental and vision care.


Many children haven’t had the opportunity to know about Jesus. We provide age appropriate materials like a children’s Bible. We provide kids’ worship, Bible story time, VBS and other spiritually nurturing elements. The introduction to God as a loving father is foundational to our care for the children. We help them learn that they can count on God’s love and care.


Many of the moms that come to Shepherd’s Gate haven’t had the opportunity to learn about Godly parenting. Some have lost custody of children. Some struggle with anger issues and other behaviors that interfere with good parenting. We come along side the mothers with parenting courses and teaching. We mentor and co-parent with the mothers to help them raise their children in healthy and nurturing ways.


Shepherd’s Gate provides a professional therapist to come along side the mother and help the children through their emotional traumas. If we don’t address them, many of the children aren’t able to even make it through a school day. We partner with professionals to help each child to heal the wounds of the past and gain age-appropriate coping skills.


Due to the COVID situation, our Education Program and Computer Lab are more important than ever now that our school districts have mandated that the children will be in school on our campus. We help them with the tools to become successful in school. We do early childhood development classes for the nursery. We work with the schools to identify learning disabilities and other issues that interfere with successful learning.


Shepherd’s Gate provides a range of enrichment activities for the children. Wiley the therapy dog is an important visitor to our campus. The kids read to Wiley and spend time with him. He’s a trusted confidant and friend to our children. Music and art are also important enrichment activities to help the children express their emotions and feelings.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery Introduction for Children is a vital component of helping older children heal from their traumatic experiences. We are adapting and updating materials to provide the most up-to-date help. Many children have seen the horror of addiction up close as their mother lived that life. Celebrate Recovery allows children to better understand and cope with the damage from addiction.

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