At Shepherd’s Gate, we know it takes more than a few nights of food and shelter to truly change a life.  In order to help women and children escape cycles of addiction, homelessness, and abuse, and to find lasting change, we must care for the whole person.  The residential program offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs of the woman so that she can learn the skills needed to live independently in the community.

The Shepherd’s Gate program is for women (single or with children) who are seeking a Christ-centered program to heal from the hurts of the past and gain the services they need on the road towards recovery. Women are required to attend classes and work on case management goals. Women travel to Shepherd’s Gate from everywhere – the local community, the San Francisco Bay Area, the state of California, and across the United States.

We have several different programs to help women that suffer from homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, poverty, etc. You’ll find these programs on both our Livermore and Brentwood campuses. Our caring staff are here to help you heal from your past traumas and put your hope into the future.

  1. Short-Term Program (45-60 days)
  2. Road To Freedom Program (after completion of our Short Term Program – additional 5 months)
  3. Graduate Program (after completion of our above programs – additional 3 months or more)
  4. Transitional Housing Program (after completion of all the above programs – additional 6 months)
  5. Prenatal Program for pregnant women or mother’s that have just had a baby (This program is combined with the programs above)
  6. Child Reunification Program (for women who desire to regain legal custody of their children through the court system, Child Protective Services (CPS), or Children and Family Services (CFS). The Bay Area court systems think highly of the Shepherd’s Gate program. Together we are able to reunite 95% of children’s custody cases each year. This program is combined with the programs above.)
  7. Senior Program (for women 55+ that focuses on health and housing goals  – combined with the programs above)

These are FREE programs for women and children. We are financially supported by individual donors, companies, churches, and private foundations. We utilize no government funds.

The participating woman must complete the intake process. It should not be other concerned parties. We are not an emergency shelter. If you are inquiring about an emergency shelter call 211 on your mobile phone or call toll-free (800) 543-7709.

Our Intake Application is located at the bottom of this page. Our Intake phone numbers are the following: Livermore Campus – 925-487-4147 or our Brentwood campus is 925-308-7507 ext. 307. Our intake team will contact you within 24-48 hours during regular business hours.

Here is just a partial list of our services


Covering the Basics

We meet the essential needs of the resident women and children so that they can focus on their recovery without having to worry about where your next meal will come from, or where you will sleep tonight. All your physical needs will be met when you enter the program. Some women come with just the clothes on their backs.

Our campuses in Livermore and Brentwood both reflect our belief that a welcoming, home-like environment helps women and children feel loved and secure as they heal.


Bible Study

Shepherd’s Gate is a Biblically-based program that incorporates Biblical principles into daily living. When women begin to understand God’s love and grace toward them, amazing things start to happen in their lives. We believe in the life-transforming power of the love of Jesus Christ. Bible studies, devotionals, prayer, and worship are the foundation of the program.


Case Management

Case Managers help coordinate individual and family care. This may include medical, legal, future housing, or financial referral services.

Many of our women and children have endured unspeakable trauma in their life. To aid their healing, Case Managers will refer women and children to receive professional counseling in a group or individual setting.


Recovery & Life Skills Training

Our classes support women as they learn how to face life’s challenges in a healthy way. Women who participate in our long-term program work their way through a 12-step course designed to help them break free of the destructive cycles from their past, and find healing and restoration.

We also offer classes on basic life skills such as anger management, fitness, conflict resolution, personal boundaries, finances, nutrition, cooking, computer skills, household management — and the list goes on!



We are unique because we allow women to bring their children with them to Shepherd’s Gate.  We have a full program for the children on-site to provide a safe and loving environment while moms are able to focus on their own healing, learning, and recovery.

We teach parenting classes for moms to learn how to build a Christ-centered family environment. Keeping moms and their kids together provide stability for the children and allow mothers to learn how to balance their individual recovery with managing their household.

Our home-like environment helps newborn babies and moms get off to a healthy, loving start. Our Case Managers help coordinate prenatal care for our expecting mothers. When the baby arrives, we provide newborn care assistance, diapers, clothing, blankets, cribs, strollers, and support for the new family.  Babies are well-loved here!


Children’s Program

The children at Shepherd’s Gate are provided trauma-informed care from ages newborn up to 18 years old. Our children receive individualized case management services, referrals, and education. Our facility is equipped with a children’s play therapy room, computer stations, and outdoor play structures.

The onsite nursery provides a safe and structured environment for our little ones as they learn letters, numbers, Bible stories, identifying their feelings, and how to trust again. When a child feels safe and loved, they can thrive.

Our school-aged kids participate in the Afterschool Program where they receive tutoring, group processing, online education advancement, field trips, and Bible Studies. We also work with professional resources for pet therapy, music therapy, art therapy and play therapy to help children process their personal trauma experiences so they too can find healing. They learn basic life skills and computer education to equip them for a successful future. School-aged children attend the local schools in the area (kindergarten to high school). During COVID, our children have distance learning class time on-campus in the Afterschool Program.


Family Reunification

Some women are working within the legal court system to regain full or partial custody of their children. Through local legal partners, child protective services, and the court system, we provide an environment of support to reunify mothers with their children. We also provide a safe living environment where children can come for supervised visits with their mothers on-campus – hours, days, weekends, or summer vacations while they work through legal custody arrangements. This is an amazing part of our ministry where mothers can reunify with their children. Each year, we have successfully worked with mothers to reunite 12 or more children with the family court system. Together we can help children heal from their personal trauma situations as they have been separated from their mothers for long periods of time.


Education, Job Training, Job Placement

Our goal is for women to have the skills and support they need in order to be self-sufficient when they leave Shepherd’s Gate.

We provide the opportunity for women to receive education and job training to enhance their skill set. Whether it’s earning a GED, attending community or technical college, resume writing workshops, or preparing for their first real job interview — women gain access to a wide variety of practical tools and support from caring staff and supportive community in our Learning and Career Center.


Giving Back

Our hope is that women leave Shepherd’s Gate equipped to reach out to others in need through shared testimony, ministry, and volunteering in their local community. Each woman will make a plan to volunteer in the community when she is in the graduate phase of the program. Because this is a free program, we want women to develop a heart of gratitude to give back.


Are you looking to participate in a program at Shepherd’s Gate? Our Intake Team can answer all your questions. Please see our Program Intake Page.

Shepherd’s Gate Locations

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