Alan Cerro, Chairman of the Board

Alan Cerro, President 2013-2018

Alan is a founding partner of Dutra-Cerro-Graden a real estate and development services. He is also the co-owner and CEO of San Mateo-based  C & V Investment Company. Alan is involved with the Thrift Store Committee as well as other areas of the ministry.

Vijay Swamidass, Vice-President

Vijay Swamidass, Vice-President 2016-2019

I have worked at Salesforce.com in San Francisco for about 10 years. Currently, I am a Director of Software Engineering and I manage a team of about 15 developers around the world.

My wife and I have 4 children, Rachel (10), Jonathan (7), Andrew (5), and Sarah (1).

We love the mission of Shepherds Gate, especially the desire to do everything to the glory of God. In years past, we have participated in 24-In-Your-Car, holiday food distributions, and leading Financial Peace University for several of the women at the Livermore campus. This year, I have used my experience with Salesforce to setup an online database to track intake calls, residents, and room utilization.

I am excited to serve as a board member and continue to use my skills to further the great work at Shepherds Gate.

Mimi Warga, Secretary

Mimi Warga, Secretary Oct. 2014- Sept. 2020

Mimi has recently retired as a Financial Advisor and business owner in Livermore for 25 years. She serves on various ministry teams at her church and has been a faithful supporter of Shepherd’s Gate, Kids Against Hunger, and the Alameda County Food Bank for several years. Mimi is beginning her second term on the Board and is serving on the Thrift Store Committee.

Mark Holmstedt, Treasurer

Mark Holmstedt, Treasurer Oct. 2014- Sept. 2020

Mark has 36 years of public finance experience covering a variety of specialty areas including financing for non-profits. Mark has served on the Finance Committee at Shepherd’s Gate since 2012 before joining the Board of Directors in 2014. In addition to his work with Shepherd’s Gate, Mark currently serves on the Advisory Committee for City Impact in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt

I am a self-employed journalist, communications consultant and publisher. I worked for the Tri-Valley Herald for 39 years before moving into the current season that has allowed lots of time to serve ministries. I served on the Shepherd’s Gate board from 2000-2006 and God used that experience to train me to lead the boards of Heart for Africa and Teen Esteem. I am an elder at my church and volunteer on the team at the East Bay Healing Center. I have led and served on numerous secular boards.

Having seen what God has done at and through Shepherd’s Gate, I am pleased to serve in this new season. My wife, Betty Gail and I, have one grown daughter.

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