Help Shepherd’s Gate- Spend the Night in Your Car?

The girl was 12. She was small for her age. Her eyes never met mine as she told me the story. Her Story. A story that had me leaning in closer and closer to hear her soft voice as it grew quieter with each sad twist. She had been living in a four-door sedan with her mother, father, sister, dog and hamster for months. At 12 years old she had worried about having food to eat, where she would be able to go to the bathroom or take a shower, she worried about her family being safe at night sleeping in that car, or if the police would take her and her sister away from their parents. Things no child should have to be concerned with. It’s her story, and stories like hers, that motivate me to do my job here at Shepherd’s Gate. It’s her face that I see when planning for Shepherd’s Gate’s 24 in Your Car event coming this May. She gives all of the hundreds of little tasks and to-do’s, that comes with planning an event, meaning. Her name is Emily. She’s now in high school. After her mother graduated from Shepherd’s Gate, they moved out and got their own place. Her mother has worked at the local community college for a few years now. Their lives have come so far from living in that four-door sedan. This is Emily’s story. Grab a few tissues, watch the video, and then sign-up for 24 in Your Car so we can be ready for all the other “Emilys” that still need our help. To sign up or to find out more about 24 in Your Car visit

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