“Every day is a blessing” — Bethany finds new hope at SG

By Carla McRee

When we asked 37-year-old Bethany what her best day at Shepherd’s Gate was, she replied, “Every day has been a blessing! I mean, I won’t lie — it’s hard, but it’s amazing, and every day I learn something new.”

Bethany was introduced to drugs by a family member at the age of 12 and has struggled with addiction ever since, but she never had real help with recovery. She had been sober for periods of time — and had even made major progress on a college degree — but when temptation came in the form of people around her using drugs, she would always relapse.

She knew she wanted more from life, both for her sake and for her children. And that’s what she’s getting at Shepherd’s Gate!

Through our Road to Freedom recovery program, Bethany is getting the practical tools she needs to not only get sober, but also stay sober. From counseling to Bible study and recovery classes to child care, Bethany is truly getting the practical help she needs to change her life.

It’s not just Bethany that’s benefiting — her son is also thriving at SG. “My son comes up the stairs from child care and says, ‘Mommy, God loves you!’ I know this is one of the best steps I’ve ever made in my whole life.”

Bethany is so thankful for people like you who gave her this opportunity. “I can’t wait to get out there and minister to other people — I want to use my testimony to help others. Some day I will be a donor!”

Thank you for blessing women like Bethany — you are making a difference!

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