Elise’s Story: Another Look

You may have read Elise’s testimony in one of our newsletters or blog articles, but you’ve never seen her like this. Take a few minutes to watch as she shares from the heart how God took her, and her children, on a journey of restoration at Shepherd’s Gate.

UPDATE: Midway through Mia’s journey here at Shepherd’s Gate, Case Management became aware that Mia’s son was needing extra support from his mother and it was decided that Mia should press pause on her program to focus her attention on her son’s well being. Mia and her two youngest kids moved to a cottage on campus in order to focus on their next steps. Supported by Case Management, Mia was able to to identify programs where she and her children could live independently while pursuing recovery. Mia is currently in the final stages of entering a program with independent living that is also closer to her older children. God has a beautiful plan in place for Mia, and we are so blessed that such a glorious part of her journey to recovery was shared with us. We will be praying for Mia and her sweet family, while providing any support and resources they may need during future transitions. Your continued prayers for success in her recovery are greatly appreciated.

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