Cycle of Abuse

It’s common knowledge that many of us repeat what we are taught by our parents. Have you ever had that “slap-yourself-on-the-forehead” moment when you realize you’ve become your mother or father? Most times we can shrug it off with a laugh, knowing that even if we aren’t thrilled with the traits that have been passed down to us, they really aren’t that bad. Unless of course, they’re dangerous. For children in abusive homes, the experiences passed down to them are not unfortunate or laughable, they are tragic. In fact, in families where the mother is assaulted by the father, daughters are 6.51 times more at risk of being sexually abused than those in non-abusive families. That’s 650%!  And it’s a cycle that is hard to break — without outside help such as counseling, safe shelter, and spiritual guidance. That’s why the work being done at Shepherd’s Gate is not only important, it’s vital to their future! The cycle must be broken, and through the help of caring friends like you who make this ministry possible, that’s exactly what is happening. Our God is good. He doesn’t want any of His children to suffer at the hands of an abuser. And He’s so loving that He invites us to partner with him in making sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you for being a part of the healing!

Matching Gifts

Did you know that your gift could be doubled for an even greater impact?  Many companies have matching gift programs for financial donations or volunteer hours.  Search your company below for more information. Here is Shepherd’s Gate 501 c3 nonprofit number for our company paperwork: 94-2902803. We are so grateful for your support!