Back to School

By Vernon Hills

Our resident children in Brentwood have just returned to school, and our Livermore kids will also go back soon. Please keep them in your prayers — these kids have dealt with so much!

Children who have faced homelessness, parental addiction or domestic violence face steep odds in succeeding in school. They often attend more than one school per year, which makes it hard to develop friendships with peers and trust with their teachers. They face chaos and stress when they return home, which makes it difficult to focus on their studies. And sadly, they often go hungry.

At Shepherd’s Gate, we are able to provide a safe, stable environment so kids can focus on being kids again. But their hearts take time to heal, and it takes time for them to realize they are truly safe.

Please pray with me that these precious children find safety and healing at Shepherd’s Gate, and that they get the encouragement they need to thrive in the school year ahead. Thank you for caring!

Matching Gifts

Did you know that your gift could be doubled for an even greater impact?  Many companies have matching gift programs for financial donations or volunteer hours.  Search your company below for more information. Here is Shepherd’s Gate 501 c3 nonprofit number for our company paperwork: 94-2902803. We are so grateful for your support!