A Path to Freedom for Abused Women and Children

You may remember Lynette*, one of the women who escaped domestic violence here at Shepherd’s Gate. Sexually abused from the time she was a little girl, physically and verbally abused all through her adult years — life had truly been an intense struggle to survive.

Lynette thought she’d already seen the worst that men could do to her, but then she met Lee
. He started out attentive and loving — she was flattered. Then, little by little, Lee didn’t want her driving anywhere or making plans with other people. Then the physical abuse started.

It started out as a punch here or there. Then full-on beatings. He even gave her a concussion — more than once. When the abuse was at its worst, Lynette didn’t even know if she was going to live or not. Lee would chain her in the garage while he’d go to work all day. The temperatures would rise and rise, and without water, there were days she didn’t know if she would make it.

She knew she had to get away, but like so many women, she didn’t know where she could go. He’d stalked her before, and she knew he could do it again. She felt trapped.

That’s why Shepherd’s Gate is so important.
With your partnership, we provide not only a safe refuge for women who are trying to escape domestic violence — we provide the loving support and practical tools they need to rebuild their lives and escape the cycle of domestic violence for good.

For $14.90 per day, you can offer an abused woman or child a safe way out of their suffering
. If you’d like to help, click “Donate” to make a gift securely. Thank you for your generosity on behalf of all those who are healing!

*Name changed to protect privacy.

Photo Courtesy of Trevy

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