Cheryl’s Story

After 13 years of being a single mother, and raising her 3 sons, Cheryl had thought she found someone to share the rest of her life with. He seemed nice, and stable, and after a time of courtship, she married him. It didn’t take long for Cheryl to find out she had made a very big mistake.

He began by stealing money from Cheryl, lying and eventually abusing her. The night she ended up in the hospital, she called the police, and had him arrested. Before leaving, Cheryl’s husband cleared out their bank account, and took Cheryl’s car. When she returned home from her traumatic hospital stay she found herself without any money or her car, and just days away from the rent being due. Through the first of many miracles, Cheryl’s landlord knew about her situation, and had compassion on her, and allowed Cheryl to live rent-free for five months while she got back on her feet!

Unfortunately getting through an abusive relationship is very difficult and Cheryl fell into a deep depression. Feeling hopeless and alone, afraid no one would ever love her, she tried to take her own life.

Her next miracle occurred when her son and his wife dropped by to visit, and found Cheryl lying on her couch with the bottle of pills lying next to her. They immediately called the ambulance and Cheryl’s stomach was pumped and she was admitted for observation.

It was during this time Cheryl felt the Lord taking care of her, and she realized then He loved her and had a plan for her life.

Cheryl’s daughter-in-law had heard of Shepherd’s Gate and called to see what programs were offered, and if it would be a place that would help her mother-in-law. Shortly after that, Cheryl called to find out if there was a space available for her to stay and was admitted to Shepherd’s Gate.

“I had never been to a shelter before, and that first night I cried all night. Then after experiencing the love of the staff here, and the love of the Lord, I feel such joy and peace, I don’t want to leave!”

Cheryl says she now feels like the Lord has called her to work at a women’s shelter. “I have a lot of love to give, and I can understand where the women are coming from.”

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