Hope for the Future

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord. ‘They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.'”

-Jeremiah 29:11

Every Child

Deserves a Bright Future

Kids often arrive at Shepherd’s Gate only knowing heartbreak. They’ve endured horrific trauma through abuse or homelessness. And it’s all they’ve ever known. Many kids who come here have dreams for the future like having enough food to eat tomorrow, finally not spending a night in the backseat of a car, or mom not getting hurt anymore. 

But thanks to friends like you, at Shepherd’s Gate, they begin to learn that life can be different. They’re safe here.

Kids can dream big about their future–becoming a professional basketball player, a pop star or designing the next big app. Just like any other kid. 

Helping Kids and Changing Lives

Kids Need a Future

Friends like you help children break the cycles of abuse, addiction and homelessness. 

From nursery to elementary age, kids receive child-specific care that helps them process and overcome their trauma. Play therapy, equine therapy, school help and outside therapy is all part of the program. They can begin dreaming of a future and building a different life.

Benjamin's Story

Benjamin is only ten years old. But he already has dreams to be a security guard who protects people and has security cameras when he’s older. Why? Because he wants to protect his mom. 

Before coming to Shepherd’s Gate, Benjamin and his mom were in a domestic violence situation. His mom tried to shield him and keep him from getting hurt. But he still saw and heard everything that happened.

“I was told to stay behind the door, lock it, don’t come out. But I could hear it all outside. I was scared,”  he says.

Thanks to friends like you, Benjamin and his mom are now at Shepherd’s Gate. His mom is working to overcome her trauma and build a new life for them. And Benjamin is getting child-specific care, working through the trauma of seeing his mom abused. He has dreams of growing up, buying a house for him and his mom to live in and buying a Ford Focus. He likes to draw pictures of the house he hopes to get for them.

Change a Child's Life

Your gift of any amount helps provide child-specific care that helps them feel safe and overcome their trauma. Because of you, they are changing their lives!