Video #4- Day One of Living in a Van

By Jen Harp

Well, it’s here- Monday, I am living in my sister’s van this week and I am wondering again why in the world I thought I could do this? I once told my teacher all I wanted in life was a big house and lots of clothes and to be a police officer/ballerina. Of course, I grew out of that desire, but I still like shelter that you can’t drive and clothing that can hang in a closet, neither of which I will have this week. (And don’t even ask about the police officer/ballerina career I was planning, I was ahead of my time with the dancing law-enforcement, I think criminals would be a lot more cooperative and less violent if they were apprehended by dancing cops.) During the daytime I completely forgot that I am doing this and cannot go home, but reality set in as one by one my co-workers said “Goodnight” and now it’s just me here in the office. Again, I am trying to be in a mind-set of someone who does not have the choice to live this way and who doesn’t have a deadline of when it will end like I do. Well, keep me in your thoughts tonight as you curl up in your bed and maybe watch some tv and fall asleep.

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