The Power of a Changed Life

By Jen Harp

Some of you may know Terry, one of our House Manager. Many of our women talk about House Managers (or Moms) as a key reason they stick with their program despite struggles and discouragement. These special women are there with our residents, loving them and encouraging them as they work hard to build a new life.

Terry’s encouragement is particularly helpful — because she used to be one of our residents! After suffering domestic violence, she left her abuser with her young baby, only to have her ex-kidnap the baby and disappear for almost 7 years.

She fell deep into substance addiction and violence, even spending time in prison before God changed her life at Shepherd’s Gate. Her hard heart was changed into a heart full of compassion, and she knows it’s God’s work in her life that allows her to reach out to other women today.

We know we can’t do Terry’s story justice in one blog post, which is why we’ve created a video to let Terry tell her story in her own words. You’ll be amazed at the power of God to transform a woman’s life!

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