Shop AND Make a Difference?

What could be better? You do a little shopping and at the same time you are helping battered and homeless women and children rebuild their lives?! That is a win-win! You help women like Kerri, who recently graduated from our Brentwood Campus. Kerri’s mother had left the family when Kerri was just a girl and she remembers being so angry and hurt all the time after her mom was gone, which eventually led her to act out as a young teenager and rebelling against her father. She ran away several times, became involved with drugs and alcohol and just basically was a nightmare for her family. She spent the rest of her youth and into her 30’s involved with physically and emotionally abusive men, she lost two husbands to sickness and became estranged from her children and her family. She lived to survive, never really feeling at peace, still hurt and looking for anyone to love her. Eventually, she hit rock bottom and a woman she met told her about Shepherd’s Gate. Kerri entered our program and has been clean and sober over a year now. She is a different person completely. Gone went the anger and hurt as she began to rebuild the relationships with her children and her family. Kerri graduated last month and the family she was estranged from for over 20 years flew out from the East Coast and drove down from Oregon, all to watch her graduate! It was a beautiful day, and it was made possible through the community’s support; giving to Shepherd’s Gate, donating items to the thrift store, volunteering, and yes shopping at our thrift store!

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