No Woman Deserves to be Abused

By Carla McRee

Every year in our country 1.3 million women are abused. Here in California, it’s estimated that 40% of the woman living in our state will experience physical violence in their lifetime. While these statistics are shocking, what’s even more horrifying is that the many cases of domestic abuse go unreported, so the number of women experiencing abuse could, in fact, be much, much higher. But no matter what the numbers are, they are far too high. No woman, and I mean NO WOMAN deserves to be abused, EVER. The women who experience abuse are often gripped with fear: fear of what will happen if she tries to leave, fear of being homeless, fear of the next beating taking her life. Often it is that fear that keeps them trapped in relationships with their abusers. Please spread the word about domestic violence so that people are aware of the reality of what is happening to women all across our country. Spend some time today praying that God will provide comfort and rescue for these women, giving them the strength to step out in faith — and away from the men who are hurting them — and into the loving arms of their Savior.

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