Back to school: not just for kids

By Steve McRee 

You may not know it, but at Shepherd’s Gate, Back-to-School season isn’t just for the kids! Many of our women also go back to school — whether it’s to get their GED, attend college courses, or learn a trade at a technical school. It’s a very powerful way for them to make a new start. Not only does education help women to become self-sufficient again, it also gives them a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence. After what so many have been through before they came to us, rebuilding self-esteem is vital.

Take Brandi, for instance. She came to us after living in a tent for 2 years — and she’s only 20 years old! She came to Shepherd’s Gate to get free of her meth addiction, but she found so much more than that. She now has a strong relationship with the Lord, and she’s rebuilding her connection with her family. Brandi dreams bigger than she used to. When she was living in the tent city, she hoped just to make enough money to make it through the day. Now, she’s going back to school this month to become an appliance technician — a career she’s admired since she was a kid! She hopes to have a home and a family of her own someday. Her transformation is incredible! Please pray with us for the women and children at Shepherd’s Gate who are going back to school this month. Pray for them to have the strength they need to work hard, learn new things, and continue rebuilding their lives. Thanks again for loving the women and children of Shepherd’s Gate. We’re so thankful for each one of our volunteers, donors and supporters!

Steve McRee Executive Director, Shepherd’s Gate

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