A Special Gift for Brentwood
Shepherd's Gate

This Christmas will you help raise the funds needed to purchase a new or used van for the women and children at Shepherd’s Gate in Brentwood?

This van ensures that we can safely transport the women and children to doctor appointments, church services, job interviews, court appointments, family reunification meetings and to fun local activities.

Donors were so generous this past year to help us fundraise for a van for our Livermore campus and now our Brentwood campus is in need of a new or used van. Our current used Saturn SUV has too many maintenance problems and it’s getting harder to find replacement parts as they have stopped manufacturing these cars. We are looking to purchase a Honda Odyssey (with low mileage) because of its longevity, reliability, and seat capacity. Our goal is to secure $25,000 for the van by December 31st.

To find out how you can help provide a van for the women and children here at Shepherd’s Gate, click the button to learn more and start fundraising. Once the $25,000 goal is met, remaining funds will be allocated to the greatest need. If you have any questions about this special gift, please contact Marcie Senter at msenter@shepherdsgate.org or 925-443-4283 ext. 109.