This holiday season will you help raise the funds needed to purchase a new or used van for the women and children at Shepherd’s Gate?

This van ensures that we can safely transport the women and children to doctor appointments, church services, job interviews, court appointments, family reunification meetings, as well as to the park for the children to play.

Last month our van from our Livermore campus with over 140,000 miles, broke down on the freeway in route to a long-distance appointment to Children’s Hospital. A taxi was called to help the mom and baby return to our campus safely, while our staff member waited behind for the tow truck. With COVID-19 restrictions, our staff member could not ride back with the tow truck driver.  She was graciously dropped off at a nearby gas station where she could arrange an UBER. After a costly repair and lifting our need up in prayer, we have come to realize that our van is not going to last much longer.

To find out how you can help in making the journey successful for the women and children here at Shepherd’s Gate click the button to learn more and start fundraising. Once the $26,000 goal is met, remaining funds will be allocated to the greatest need.

Van for Shepherd’s Gate


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