Will you help keep the Gates open all year long?

Become a GateKeeper!


What is GateKeepers?

GateKeepers is Shepherd’s Gate’s group of monthly partners devoted to making sure that when homeless women and children knock on our door, we are able to provide food, safe shelter and life-changing care so that they can escape their past and build a better future.

Because we receive no funding from the state or federal government, this group of partners is crucial in keeping the Gates of our ministry open all year long.

What Will My Partnership Do?

As a GateKeeper you will help free women and children from the destructive cycles of homelessness, addiction and abuse through:

Healthy Food
Safe Shelter
Medical Care

Bible Study
Recovery Classes

Job Training & Placement
Life & Job Skills Classes

Why Should I Become a GateKeeper?

1.Homelessness Doesn’t Know Seasons, Ministry Does
The truth is, there are times when giving to Shepherd’s Gate drops so dramatically that we struggle to get every woman and child what they need. When you become a GateKeeper, your consistent monthly support will help meet the needs of women and children currently in our care all year long.

2. Confidence
As a GateKeeper, you will have the confidence of knowing you help keep the gates of Shepherd’s Gate open all year long.

3. It’s More Convenient For You
When you become a GateKeeper and sign up for automatic giving, you’ll know you are making a difference — every day, every month, all year long.

4. You’ll Have More Opportunities
Giving regularly gives you more opportunities to reach people in places you may never go. Plus, as a key partner, you’ll get the inside scoop on things going on at Shepherd’s Gate.


Will You Join Us?

Yes, I will give and become a Shepherd’s Gate GateKeeper

Shepherd’s Gate Locations

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