You’re just so broken, you’ll never be fixed.

Jennifer* has experienced a great deal of loss and abandonment in her life. At six years old, Jennifer’s dad abandoned her in the care of her mother who struggled with addiction.

Then there were several other men who entered their lives and abused and assaulted Jennifer and her mother. It wasn’t uncommon for Jennifer and her mom to sleep in the park, trying to escape an abusive situation.

It’s no surprise that by the time she was 14, Jennifer was severely depressed and lost all hope to live. Her mother tried driving her away with very harsh words that you would never say to a child. Jennifer tried to be a very good student, quiet and polite but that just wasn’t good enough and her mother sent her to live with her grandmother. But her grandmother didn’t want her either. She was sent to live in a group home until she was emancipated from the program. You can see why Jennifer cried herself to sleep every night.

She didn’t trust anyone and she felt all alone.

As an adult, Jennifer continued to struggle with the cycle of abuse and homelessness. Once, she was homeless in Golden Gate Park, sleeping on benches in an attempt to escape an abusive boyfriend. She thought she was finally safe when she ended up in a shelter with her newborn son. But then her ex-boyfriend found her and began stalking her again.

Thankfully, the shelter Jennifer was staying at knew about Shepherd’s Gate. They knew that Jennifer and her son could get the help and protection they needed, so they called us and we arranged for Jennifer and her son to stay with us.

“The amount of love I receive here is more than I received my whole life from my family,” Jennifer says.

Because of partners like you, Jennifer and her son are not only safe but also learning valuable life skills now, as well as continuing her education so she can become a special- needs teacher. She has outside counseling that is helping her heal from her past abuse. And the Bible studies here are helping her discover who she is as a child of God.

Jennifer is thriving because of our proven program of Christ-centered ministry.


*Jennifer’s name and likeness have been changed to protect her privacy.

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