When Heidi had her children, they unknowingly became participants in a cycle of abuse and addiction. Here at Shepherd’s Gate, that is exactly the kind of cycle we work to break.

For 11 years, Heidi was in an abusive marriage. Her ex-husband, who was lost in addiction, broke several of her bones. She had countless black eyes. Then one terrifying night, in front of Heidi and their children, he pointed a gun and threatened to kill himself.

Heidi divorced her husband to make sure her kids were safe. But her battle was just beginning.

“I finally had the strength to walk away, but I didn’t do any healing,” Heidi says. “Because of that, I started drinking.”

Heidi started the same cycle that her dad was in. His struggle with addiction and alcoholism led him to suicide when she was 12 years old.

“I always felt my dad didn’t love me enough to stay alive,” Heidi says. “But because he was an addict and alcoholic, he was doing the same thing I did. He was numbing.”

She hated the way her addiction was damaging her life, and her children’s lives. Heidi knew that she needed help to stop the cycle so her kids could have a better future.

That’s when she came to Shepherd’s Gate.

Now, thanks to partners like you, Heidi is working through our recovery program and getting the help she needs to build a brighter future. Her children are thriving here and working through their trauma. Her oldest son started college this fall with an academic scholarship!

But best of all, Heidi and her kids are learning how amazing God truly is. Her youngest loves to say, “That is so God!” whenever something good happens.

Heidi’s favorite Bible passage is Psalm 116. It’s a beautiful reminder how God can take whatever is broken and heal us.

“Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me. He has saved me from death, my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling. And so I walk in the Lord’s presence as I live here on earth!” –Psalm 116:7-9

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